Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tablets with Android 3.0 are prohibitive high prices

Таблетите с Android 3.0 са с възпиращо високи цениBy placing a year ago the base version of the iPad for $ 500, Apple pressed significant other producers who had ambitions to enter the world of tablets. And until last year iPad was almost no competition because most other tablets relied on to put up this type of device versions of Android, the beginning of this year things changed. Google introduced Android 3.0, a version that is optimized for tablets, and with it began to appear and devices that take advantage of it - most of them rely on dual-core processor, NVIDIA Tegra 2. The first tablet of a new generation Motorola Xoom and in fact was the first reached the market - for now only in the U.S.. Surprising thing is the price at which proposed tablet - Verizon sells it for $ 600 with a two-year contract for mobile services or for $ 800 without contract. Expensive, right?

CEO of Motorola, however, that price is quite normal. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Sandzhey Shah justifies the cost of the device, especially compared with the iPad, a fact that has 32GB memory and that after the free upgrade will support work with the new, faster 4G networks. For comparison: iPad with 32GB and 3G capabilities costs $ 730. Such is the situation with the most expensive version of the tablet of Apple, the difference in the base becomes even more drastic - though iPad with Wi-Fi sells for $ 500 stateside. Motorola intends to offer a version of Xoom and only Wi-Fi, the price will be such as iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi - $ 600.

Do not think that Motorola Xoom is an exception. In recent days show information and the expected price of some of the other tablets with Android 3.0 and things do not look much different. According to the website of Vodafone Portugal, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which also relies on Android 3.0, and NVIDIA Tegra 2 will be sold in the country in March for 700 euros. In turn, tablet HTC Flyer, which later will receive updates to the same version of the platform, maybe it will cost 500 euros for the version with Wi-Fi capabilities and 600-670 euros for versions with Wi-Fi and 3G. Prices come from the sites of German stores in search Again from Germany and understand the cost of another new generation of tablets - LG Optimus Pad. According to LG, tablet will appear in the country in April at a price of 999 euros. True 3D camera there, but this is hardly justification for such a value.

For now, the fate of the new generation of tablets with the Google platform seems a little vague, especially in terms of consumer interest. Such deterrent prices will have more to convince us to open their wallets but do not forget that next week Apple is preparing to submit iPad 2. The company certainly will not let it slip leadership in tablets, but with these prices of competitors with Android 3.0, will hardly be difficult to maintain it.

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