Friday, February 25, 2011

Nook occupies 25% of the market for electronic books for readers in the U.S.

Nook заема 25% от пазара на четци за електронни  книги в САЩSince Amazon is still not officially reported how many of the Kindle sold, suggesting that competing airlines also have reason to do so. As a result, anyone can tell us what you like about the market for electronic readers for the books and we should believe him because we do not have accurate information about its distribution. Therefore now accept on trust that the reader for electronic books Nook of Barnes & Noble owns 25% of the market for such devices in the U.S.. From the publisher also did not report how many of Nook are sold so that we remain waiting for someone to deliver more accurate information to orient yourself. Meanwhile, the company reported a 25 percent drop in annual profit for its fiscal quarter ended January 29, due to increased investment in Nook. However, revenue for the period have increased by 7%.

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