Friday, November 19, 2010

Apple runs the risk of war with the operators, if it decides to use the embedded SIM card in iPhone

Already mentioned the initiative of the GSM Association to develop a standard for embedded SIM cards to add mobile capabilities to more traditional devices, but some time ago we wrote about rumors that Apple is considering the possibility of using such a decision and the iPhone. It should allow activation of the phone through App Store to work with selected mobile network. And although the association, whose members include the largest mobile operators, consider creating such a standard, it appears that companies are not satisfied with potential plans of Apple, they fear that this will be placed in the position of regular suppliers of spectrum for the phone to the Americans.

According to the Financial Times, if Apple decides to take such a step to the next edition of the iPhone, some of the major European operators are ready to stop subsidizing the price of the phone, which is important for the success of the device. These are shared with the publication of Vodafone UK, France Telecom and Telefonica, as one of the managers said that thus Apple would risk going to war with them. According to analysts at Bernstein could reduce sales of the iPhone worldwide by 12%. Concerns come from companies that consumers can easily move between different operators or to commit to contracts of shorter duration.

Nokia has admitted that a small number of N8 from the first batch have problems

Timely response to the information that some of the first users of the Nokia N8 face problems with smartphones, which are expressed in spontaneous shutdown and unable to start device, the company made an official statement of the case. According to Executive Vice President Niklas Savander in the first batch of smartphones really problematic phones, but it is a limited number. From his words, understand that there was a problem in the assembly associated with energy management and the company has already taken the necessary measures and eliminated the reasons for this in its factories. Savander assured consumers that should not worry if you encounter such a problem as the security of the phone will take care of it.

Palm Pre 2 already sold unlocked in the U.S. and England

If you are still wondering when it will start sales of vacant Palm Pre 2 must tell you that they have already started. In the U.S. HP's online store you can order a first phone with webOS 2.0 for $ 450. Currently supplies are U.S. only, but we hope that this is only the beginning and soon we can expect in other parts of the world. The phone is already unlocked and sold in England at a cost 399 pounds.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ovi Store account 3 million downloads a day

Nokia said some statistics on the development of Ovi Store and progress to the last time you do this is obvious. According to the company store now account for 3 million downloads a day (two million in September) and in recent months to the program for writers Software Forum Nokia have signed 400,000 new applications. 92 companies submitted content service, has reported over a million downloads. In other news Nokia Qt SDK and Qt SDK has been downloaded 1.5 million times, which indicates that the authors of the software into account the convenience to use it to develop your applications. We have noted that Nokia focuses on the environment as a Qt application development for Symbian, including the new smartphones Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 that will be compatible with the product platform MeeGo. Most downloaded free application was Q Torch, and the most popular paid - blockbuster game Angry Birds. The third most downloaded application in the world is the Need for Speed Shift HD.
The latter two are only available for new smartphones with Symbian  3, so that the effect of the platform is already beginning to be felt and this will increase in coming months when the devices reach all markets. At present every day on Ovi create an account 250 000 users.

Qualcomm introduced the first dual-core chip from the new series Snapdragon

Qualcomm makes mobile SoC (system on chip) integrated solutions that drive almost any phone with Android, and each of the devices now Windows Phone 7. The company revealed more details about future plans and they understand that next year's chips will be manufactured in 28 nanometer technology, which will not only reduce their size, but also help them reduce energy consumption. Along with this will be introduced and a new architecture that the company says will make 5 times faster than those that are currently on the market. For there will be share and the use of two cores, and the architecture should be able to compete with NVIDIA Tegra 2. The processors will be combined with graphics accelerator Adreno 3XX, which will be 4 times more productive than in the first generation of Snapdragon and even can provide a game performance as the Xbox 360 and PS3. The first next-generation chip that will be available for manufacturers of next year, is MSM8960, but unlikely to reach the terminal earlier than 2012 unless it will have a 3D accelerator, modem, supporting all 3G frequencies and even LTE.

iPhone 4 was selected as the best phone of Asia Mobile Awards 2010 Listen

On 17 and 18 November in Hong Kong held the Asian edition of the Mobile World Congress, which also handed awards for services and devices. This year it was focused on mobile applications, available to the jury were different data stores for applications submitted by Distimo. The list of winners are: IMDB - best practice for fun, Angry Birds - Best game / best practice as a whole, Google Maps - best practice, the choice of the jury, and Documents to Go - Best business software. It was a prize for the best mobile device and it went on the iPhone 4, which managed to beat HTC Desire, Samsung Wave S8500, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Wildfire and Nokia N8.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Google Maps for Android

Google Maps

Google has released version 4.7 of Google Maps for Android. With it users will be able to add ratings and comments at various sites in the new service Hotpot. To leave recommendations and assessments of different places - shops, restaurants and etc., Google Maps 4.7 offers a new widget to the main screen of Android. For users of Google iOS prepare additional application that will appear soon. Until then, owners of the iPhone, and phones with Android, do not support the new version of Google Maps, but want to use the service can use the link Places, is located on the main page of Google Maps 4.7 can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S Tab

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

The Korean manufacturer Samsung can not be left to the market dominance of Apple tablet, and after several months of study presented an evolution of its larger smartphone Galaxy S. The tablet with touch-sensitive screen is called Galaxy Tab and will arrive in Italy from October 1 at major consumer electronics chains, it costs 699 euro (as the iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB or 32 GB 3G iPad) but is smaller tablet, you call, videoconference, and beyond the built-in memory allows for easy expansion through a microSD card reader.

Although direct comparison is natural that the Apple iPad Galaxy Tab is different tablet. Firstly it is smaller tablet, has a 7 inch display which makes it almost pocket (comes in a jacket pocket or stay a little 'out, even that of a jeans), weighs only 380 grams and integrated wireless connectivity Type HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 as well as presenting a GPS antenna and a TV-Out to conveniently connect your television to a possible tablet.

On paper it might therefore seem smaller and more expensive than the iPad, but in reality offers many more features. In fact these two cameras, a VGA-style on the front and a 3 megapixel on the back. With these you can participate in video conferencing sessions, take pictures or shoot videos. As we said at the beginning, in addition to 16 GB of integrated data, you can add another 32 GB via a microSD card.

Compared iPad there is another innovative feature in tablet are: using the earphone or loudspeaker allows you to call. It is therefore not only a tablet but can be used as an electronic agenda and a telephone handset.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The components of Samsung Galaxy Tab worth 205 dollars

Sales of tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab already started in various parts of the world by iSuppli has traditionally made its usual analysis of the components used in its production. According to the company's total value pravi tablet rather larger version of the smartphone Galaxy S, rather than a true competitor of the iPad. The total amount used in the Galaxy Tab detail is 205.22 dollars. For comparison: 16GB model with 3G capabilities of the iPad has components worth 264.27 dollars. The lower price is due mainly to screen Galaxy Tab, which is lower diagonal and lower resolution than in the iPad. On the other hand, tablets of the Samsung includes capabilities that has no proposal to Apple, as a gyro (suitable for games) and two cameras (one with autofocus). For the production of Galaxy Tab take another 9.35 dollars and so the total price of the device reached 214.57 dollars.

Microsoft gives away 90,000 phones with Windows Phone 7

According to information from Network World, Microsoft is preparing to give away free phones with Windows Phone 7 for all company employees - these are about 89,000 devices. Last week the company gave another 1000 phone and attending the conference Professional Developer Conference, so that the total is rounded and the amount that this gesture will cost Microsoft - about $ 20 million. However, according to rumors the company has earmarked at $ 500 million for marketing costs to promote Windows Phone 7 and 90 000 free phone can not get much media noise, right?

One of the founders of Google Maps goes to work for Facebook

Lars Rasmussen
is among the first who worked on the project Google Maps, he was behind the development of Google Wave, which was recently discontinued. Over the weekend it became clear that Rasmussen leaves Google and will work for Facebook. In his haste from Google have stopped work on the Wave, as the new products they need time to find his place in the world of consumers. Rasmussen, however, not be the first former employee of Google, which went on Facebook - the company already has several former executives of internet giants such as Charles Taylor and Brett Syogriyn.