Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nokia Siemens Networks can renegotiate the deal with Motorola

Nokia Siemens Networks може да предоговори сделката с MotorolaNokia Siemens Networks is trying to negotiate new terms for the deal with Motorola worth 1.2 billion dollars, under which I had to buy infrastructure assets of U.S. company. Information is the agency Bloomberg and NSN in its view will attempt to exclude the GSM business of the Agreement. The reason for this lies in an effort to obtain approval for the deal from Chinese regulatory authorities, which it now delayed because of the lawsuit became of Huawei. Huawei believes that the sale of the infrastructure division of Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks will have access to its intellectual property, shared with the Americans. It is not clear what will be the new price of the agreement if Motorola has agreed to changes, but in 2010 GSM division contributed about 25% of all infrastructure sales of Motorola.

Sales of tablet HP TouchPad begin in June

Продажбите на таблета HP TouchPad започват през юниHP did not say specifically when the tablet TouchPad will hit the market, but thanks to the company's conference HP Summit can understand a little more about plans for the device. In the words of the head of Leo HD Apoteker first tablet with webOS will be on the market in June. Then the company promises a steady stream of news about the platform and products, which will be used. At year's end will come with a beta version of webOS, which can be used in browser in computers with Windows. Thus, HP is hoping to add the platform in 100 million devices, but have yet to understand exactly how it would work and what will be the company's plans in this area. In addition, webOS will find a place and printers to HP. Of course, in the center of everything "cloud" - the company relies on the Internet to connect its various products in an ecosystem. Apoteker commented tablets with Windows - so far the company has no intention of doing such, not until the correct version of the platform. We expect that this will be Windows 8.

Motorola Xoom with Wi-Fi will cost 599 dollars to the U.S. market on 27 March Listen

Motorola Xoom с Wi-Fi ще струва 599 долара, на пазара в Щатите от 27 мартOne of the main criticisms of the first Tablet PC with Motorola's Android is its high cost, especially compared with that of the iPad / iPad 2. Hopes were that the situation will change with the release of the promised release of the device with only Wi-Fi capabilities, the premiere date has not been known. Motorola decided to dispel the unknown by announcing that sales of the device in the U.S. will start on March 27. The tablet will be available from many retailers and chain stores, so anyone who decides to choose, will be able to buy it. We recall that the first tablet with Android 3.0 has dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz, 1GB RAM memory, 32GB of internal memory, two cameras (5MP and 2MR), HDMI output and a 10.1 "screen with 1280 x 800 pixels.

Carphone Warehouse have sold 1 million Android devices in 2010

Carphone Warehouse са продали 1 милион устройства с Android през 2010 г.From British retailer Carphone Warehouse mobile phones said it last in 2010 sold 1 million devices using Android. About the company is increasing sales by 2000% over the previous year. Carphone Warehouse otherwise are a serious promoter of the mobile platform is Google - their shops are dotted with little green men, but as you can see one of their latest TV ads.

Finally Android 2.2 for Motorola Milestone

Най-сетне Android 2.2 за Motorola MilestoneOwners of Motorola Milestone probably long since lost patience, hope and expect to update Android 2.2 Froyo. By Motorola, however, apparently are ready and able to provide the achievements of our users, who will finally get compatibility with Flash Player 10.1, faster browser and opportunities to share your Internet connection. Unfortunately the company have bad news. If you have DRM-protected content on an SD card on your phone, then update it likely will not exist. Furthermore, Motorola warned that the new version of Android, some applications and phone functions can work more slowly. So far, update is only available to certain countries.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Next week may bring us inteMicrosoft preparing a big event for March 15

Microsoft подготвя голямо събитие за 15 мартNext week may bring us interesting news from Microsoft.
According to information from iTWire, PR Agency of the U.S. company has begun to circulate messages that invites the press to be more vigilant on March 15 since then expect important news from Microsoft. What we see then? Recently there was news about Windows Phone, and for Windows 8 will probably hear later this year. So far it seems most likely assumption that it will then be premiered on the final version of Internet Explorer 9. In February came Release Candidate version of the next generation of web browser company, so the final version is definitely close.

Nokia X1-00 is for music lovers on a budget

Nokia X1-00 е за любителите на музика с ограничен бюджетWith a price before income taxes of 34 euros, Nokia X1-00 might be just what you looking for a lover of music on a budget. The new phone of the Finnish company is equipped with a large speaker on the rear, which also ensures that high volumes include technology prevents sound distortion at high levels. Thus users not only can enjoy music in places with high background noise, but will be able to share it with friends. Nokia X1-00 is 3.5 mm audio output and controls the music on the body. The device has a microSD card slot (up to 16GB), built-in FM radio and even a flashlight. Includes function to create up to 5 phone books, so it can be shared between different people - useful for developing countries. The phone has dimensions of 112.2 x 47.3 x 16 mm and weighs 91 grams and the battery should provide airtime to 13 hours or listening to music for 38 hours. Sales in select markets starting in April.

Samsung Corby II again comes in many colors

Samsung Corby II отново идва в много цветовеFurthermore Galaxy Pro, Samsung uses conference yesterday Samsung SEA Forum, to present another new phone, which inherits the well-known model of the company. It's about Corby II (GT-S3850), which features a 3.14 "touchscreen QVGA display, quad-band GSM capabilities, 2MR camera, FM radio and 3.5 mm audio output. The phone has a microSD slot. The battery has a capacity of 1000mAh and should provide up to 9.5 hours of talk time per charge, and opportunities for connection are complemented by Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0. The phone is equipped with interface TouchWiz, Social Hub for social networking and support for Microsoft Exchange. Sales start in March, first in Germany.

Opera launches its store for mobile applications

Opera пуска свой магазин за мобилни приложенияIn over 200 countries will be available new mobile application store of Opera Software. He will be charged directly in the browser, it will can be opened over other browsers, not just those of the company. The service is available at and the company says it soon could benefit over 100 million users of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. The service is based on technology Appia (before PocketGear) and will offer free and paid applications for each mobile platform and device. During the tests in February Opera Mobile Store has managed to attract over 15 million subscribers, having been downloaded by 700,000 applications a day.

Bloomberg: Microsoft will pay the Nokia over $ 1 billion

Bloomberg : Microsoft ще плати на Nokia над 1 милиард долараAccording to information from two different sources of Bloomberg, Microsoft will pay more than $ 1 billion of Nokia for promotion and development of a smartphone platform with Windows Phone. The amount was intended to convince Nokia to choose instead WP7 Android. At the same time the Finnish company will pay a licensing fee for each phone sold to the Americans, but this amount will be justified by reduced costs of the Nokia research and development of new services. The contract between the two companies have not yet been signed, but according to sources its duration is over 5 years and will allow Microsoft to use patents to Nokia.

Analysts in 2011 and 2012 Nokia may reduce by one third the cost for research from last year spent three billion euros. As part of the transaction platform, Microsoft will use the navigation services of NAVTEQ, as to them will be added and localized advertising. This will bring additional revenue for Nokia, which will receive part of their revenue. The two companies will share and benefit from search and advertising.

Deutsche Telekom може да продаде T-Mobile USA на Sprint

Deutsche Telekom може да продаде T-Mobile USA на SprintJust a year ago we wrote about rumors that Deutsche Telekom is planning to sell U.S. subsidiary of the operator T-Mobile and although then not heard anything on the topic, things seem to evolve. The next information comes from unnamed sources Bloomberg, who claim that Deutsche Telekom has discussed the idea to sell T-Mobile to Sprint in exchange for a share of the new company. The talks seem to continue at the moment, but the sources Bloomberg's not sure whether it will be reached a final deal. However, it is clear that Deutsche Telekom is willing to sell part or all of its U.S. division.

The prototype of the Sony Ericsson with Windows Phone 7 was old

Прототипът на Sony Ericsson с Windows Phone 7 бил старAs one might expect, the photos of Sony Ericsson phones with Windows Phone 7 which showed recently, not very relevant. According to Eldar from Mobile Review Murtazin they show old prototype last year, whose fate has not come to market. Such information, however, should not surprise us much, as the company now has dedicated itself seriously Android and unlikely to change soon plans. In February, the SE's technical director Ian Udenfeld confirmed in an interview that WP now not come into the company's plans for the focus on the platform of Google. New phones with the platform of Microsoft, but from other manufacturers will have, but I expect the second half of the year.

There will come a time The update for Windows Phone Mango 7?

Ще дойде ли навреме ъпдейтът Mango за Windows Phone 7?While owners of phones with Windows Phone 7 look forward to the first update for the operating system, which must be available for download in the next few days, some people might be interested in long-term development of the platform, especially if you are curious what it will offer Nokia's market for mobile phones. According to the Post was aware of cases of Microsoft Paul Tarot company may fail to complete on time the big update, known as Mango. It expect Windows Phone 7 to obtain a new browser based on IE9, integration of Twitter and opportunities for multi-tasking. Microsoft promised that those additions will come in the second half of the year and most likely fall, but according to Tarot Microsoft will not succeed, and update will be ready early next year.

However, this may not exactly. Another expert on the activities of Microsoft - Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, says the company will be ready to provide software to manufacturers of handsets later in early autumn, so the phones it will occur in time for Christmas. It remains to learn and who have more accurate information, but it will certainly be clarified over time. Meanwhile, more news about Windows Phone and expected additions to expect during the conference MIX 2011, which will be held between 12 and 14 April in Las Vegas.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sony Ericsson prepares at least 4 new phones by year's end

Sony Ericsson подготвя поне 4 нови телефона до края на годинатаSince early 2011, Sony Ericsson has already presented four phone, but it seems there will be more work until the year end. In an interview with Business Week CEO Bert Nordberg was told that we expect at least another four releases, some of the devices will appear first on the U.S. market. Although not stated whether the smartphones or handsets with advanced capabilities in the context of the conversation for Android assume that Nordberg has had to smartphones. From the same interview, and we learn that Sony Ericsson is seeking 25 percent of the smartphone market with Android, of which otherwise currently owns only 14%. According to unconfirmed reports the company now testing several phones, which include models and SK17i ST15i, and behind these numbers would have to hide a small phone with touch screen and one with a hardware keyboard. We expect also Xperia Duo, whose name was registered in Europe as a trademark, which will probably be the first smartphone with dual-core processor series of Xperia.

Facebook buys company Beluga

Facebook купува компанията BelugaIn all likelihood, Facebook wants to expand the capabilities of much social support chat. Beluga company develops applications for group chats and instant messaging and managed to gather quite consumers. The technology was obviously interesting for Facebook, because it failed to make the company behind social networking to loosen the purse and buy the Beluga. Communicate by Facebook that we'll continue to support the services of Beluga for end users. Clearly, however, the company has plans for new acquisition and we expect sooner or later we learn to change the terms of use of services and perhaps to change the services themselves.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

INQ will install Opera Mini on your phone

INQ ще инсталира Opera Mini в телефоните сиThe last news we heard about Opera Mini, was that the Norwegians have signed an agreement with Qualcomm, under which all the phones that work with BREW MP, will go and installed browser Opera Mini. British company INQ, which is marked by the placing of the first phones whose software is closely integrated with Facebook, has also decided to rely on the most popular mobile browser. The two companies signed an agreement this month and all phones branded INQ will be sold with installed browser Opera Mini - both those with Android, and those with BREW MP. The decision of the INQ is not strange, considering they do not offer high-end smartphones, and Opera Mini is the best solution for devices that have limited capabilities.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Samsung showed ventilated LCD display

Samsung показа прозрачен LCD дисплейThe technology exhibition CeBIT in Hannover, Samsung showed a very interesting and somewhat futuristic, technology. This is a transparent LCD screen, which will in future take the place of some of the windows in our home. Screen there are a few interesting features, including "digital shutter - can adjust how much light to pass into the room and will also have a variety of widgets and applications such as web browser, Twitter client, information exchanges, the time schedule airline flights, etc. The technology is still in early stages of development, as it was not shown a real product, but only had a short demonstration.

Sapphire EDGE-HD Mini PC - the smallest computer in the world

Sapphire EDGE-HD Mini PC - най-малкият компютър в светаHow small can computers be? Very little, according to Sapphire. At CES earlier this year the company showed EDGE-HD Mini PC, which claims to be the smallest computer in the world. Sapphire did not fail to demonstrate the device and the CeBIT. Its dimensions are 19.3 x 14.8 x 2.2 cm and weighs 530 grams - the picture you can see how it looks compared to the Nokia N8. Mini PC works with Intel Atom D510 processor of 1.66GHz and includes 2GB RAM memory, HDD 250GB, graphical system NVIDIA ION 2 with 512 MB and Wi-Fi. Added and varied as 4hUSB ports, HDMI and VGA outputs, and network port. The company says it is fully functional computer for work and home use and consume about 10 times less power than normal desktop computer.

Conceptual development of a tablet with two screens from MSI

Концептуална разработка на таблет с два екрана от MSIMSI Dual Pad Concept is exactly what its name suggests - a conceptual work. However, it is interesting enough to wish to see it on sale. In practice, these are two related tablet in one device - similar to a laptop Acer Iconia, who recently saw the mobile congress, but in the meantime commenced its sales. Both tablet to work with one operating system and use common system resources as an option to be separated, but still work together. Convenient for presentations or multiplayer games. Details of the technical characteristics were not disclosed, but the device works with Intel Atom Z530 processor, relying on Windows 7, and two screens with a diagonal 10.1 "and multitouch capabilities.

Sales of BlackBerry PlayBook in the U.S. beginning on April 10

Продажбите на BlackBerry PlayBook в Щатите започват на 10 априлTablet BlackBerry PlayBook managed to impress enough during the Mobile World Congress, to look forward to its market premiere, which prior information had to be early this year. By RIM are not yet an exact date, but according to information on the website Boy Genius Report, the widget sales in the U.S. will start on April 10. Good news not only for fans of the BlackBerry, but for Apple - so iPad 2, which will be sold by March 11 will have a market advantage by month. From the information and understand that the final version of the operating system drive tablet will be ready on March 31, the first gain after remind users of the tablet to update.

Ford Sync supports voice commands for 16 more languages

Ford Sync поддържа гласови команди на още 16 езикаMyFord Touch is the name of the new automotive system for information and entertainment that will find its place in the cars of Ford. Developed in partnership with Microsoft and has a touch interface through which to manage a variety of vehicle functions such as air conditioning and radio. There is also an opportunity to integrate different phones, PDA and multimedia players and management all can use voice commands through sophisticated Ford Sync, developed in conjunction with Nuance Communications. At CeBIT took the international premiere of Sync, it became clear that it will maintain 16 other languages (total now 19). They will be available first in Europe in 2012 with the arrival of the new version of the Ford Focus. The system will recognize more than 10,000 commands of each of the 19 languages and can cope with different dialects and local accents.

App Store for Android at Amazon starts this month

Магазинът за приложения за Android на Amazon тръгва този месецAccording to unconfirmed information from the ad network Millenial Media to the end of March we can expect to run and store applications for Android on Amazon, which has long speaking. Once the frequent rumors, we believe that work has progressed and the company is approaching more to premiere. Indeed, new details about the portal is not yet known, but it is clear that advertisers look forward to putting the shop as it will offer another channel for advertising.

Asus Eee Pad Slider combines Android 3.0 with sliding QWERTY keyboard

Asus Eee Pad Slider комбинира Android 3.0 с подвижна QWERTY клавиатураTablets that Asus has shown early this year during CES, and found their place on the stand the company's CeBIT, which was a good opportunity to meet close and one of the more interesting new models - Asus Eee Pad Slider. As the name implies, the device has a detachable keyboard which is useful for easy text input. Tablet works with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and a 10.1 "capacitive multitouch display, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. There will be option to select the 3G module and volume of internal memory - the options will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Tablets relies on NVIDIA Tegra CPU 2 and add 2 cameras (and 1.2MR 5MP autofocus). expected to be marketed in late May.

Allow U.S. pilots to use iPad in flight

САЩ разреши на пилотите да използват iPad по време на полетThe U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has authorized the company's charter Executive Jet Management to replace paper charts for pilots in the aircraft during flight tablets iPad. Although currently there are other electronic devices that are in circulation among employees of aviation in the U.S., iPad appears to be the cheapest and most smaller version. The tablet has passed the tests that lasted three months and was used by 55 pilots during 250 flights. During the tests with the iPad was not reporting any problem with the software, but just in case the pilots will wear and one spare with you. Surely if other airlines decide to make such an exchange would have to undergo a similar procedure with tests. Authorize the use of electronic devices instead of traditional paper charts from the U.S. Aviation Administration create a precedent and recognized the potential of new technologies to change the way work on board.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple present iPad 2

Apple представи iPad 2Apple chose for the March 2 premiere of the heir of his first tablet. March 2 and iPad 2 - hardly anyone believes that the choice is random, because the American company everything is carefully orchestrated. Like a year ago, the scene came Steve Jobs, although this time his appearance was unexpected - it is recalled that early this year, he withdrew indefinitely from the management of Apple for medical reasons. In the beginning some statistics. Books iBookstore offer over 2500 publishers, for less than a year consumers have downloaded over 100 million books in less than a year. Jobs also announced that user accounts are already 200 million, and recently the company has shipped its 100 millionth iPhone. For nine months in 2010 sold 15 million units iPad, as Jobs did not fail to note that this is more than any tablet, and the market share of the company in this type of equipment in 2010 was over 90%. Applications for tablet already over 65 000, while Android 3.0 are currently only 100. However, do not forget that Google's platform has yet made its first steps, the market has only one tablet and then a few days.

Yet the star of the evening is iPad 2. Tablet comes with a new design and a new processor - it already uses the chips A5. Now with dual-core design as Apple is 2 times faster than the A4 and provides up to 9 times faster graphics. At the same time energy consumption is like its predecessor. As expected, added two cameras - the rear can record 720p video at 30fps, and the front (VGA) to cope with VGA resolution at 30fps. Like the iPhone and iPod touch has a gyro and the dimensions of housing are severely reduced compared to the first version of the iPad - thinner is 33%. Expressed in figures, this means 13.4 mm against 8.8 mm. The weight is also reduced and is now 601 grams (613 grams for the model with 3G) - good news since the first version was tezhichka. Tablet will be available in black or white version and also will work with GSM and CDMA networks. The battery came about 10 hours. Diagonal and the screen resolution remains the same - 9.7 and 1024 x 768 pixels.

Among the additional options are HDMI output through a special cable that will allow the display of 1080p video on an external monitor and will also load the tablet. Together with the device debuted and interesting screensaver - not a cover, for panel (Smart Cover), by which magnets are mounted on the front of the tablet. Furthermore, it can be folded in various configurations to allow different uses and serve as a stand. In addition to cleaning the screen of the iPad 2 and automatically "wakes up" tablet or puts it on standby. Variants of polyurethane will cost 39 dollars, and leather will be priced at 69 dollars.

The price of the iPad 2 starts from $ 500 model with 16GB of memory and Wi-Fi and reaches 829 dollars for options with 64GB, Wi-Fi and 3G. The price immediately put Motorola at a disadvantage because the U.S. Xoom sells for $ 800, while the analogous iPad 2 will cost 729 dollars. Sales in the U.S. starting on 11 March and 25 March will be available in 26 more countries. Meanwhile, Apple cut the price of the first tablet of Veria and prices now range between $ 399 model with 16GB memory, 3G and 729 dollars for a 64GB version and 3G.

As expected, the event was presented and the new version of iOS number 4.3, which will use iPad 2. With it comes increased productivity of the Safari browser which has been added to the JavaScript engine Nitro. Also included is the option to share content on your home Wi-Fi network in iTunes. There are also improvements to AirPlay, and consumers can now choose different functions for the button to lock the screen orientation - for example, to mute. Also included is the option to convert the device into a wireless access point for sharing the mobile Internet, which already has iPhone 4 for Verizon. To use the new cameras are FaceTime applications for video to iPad, iPhone or Mac Photo Booth for applying different effects in real time. iOS 4.3 will be available for download on 11 March by the holders of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (3 and 4 generation).

Was presented a new version of iMovie, you can benefit from increased productivity of the new tablet. Among topics and offers new opportunities for editing and sharing video in different services. The application will be available for iPhone, and its price is $ 5. Holders of the tablet will be able to benefit from a special version of GarageBand with different instruments, 8 track recording, Loop 250 and even the option to turn the guitar. Interestingly, using accelerometers tablet into account the force with which to touch the virtual keys and generates a different sound. GarageBand will also be available from March 11 priced at $ 5.

Meeting with tablet ASUS Eee Slate EP121 at CeBIT

Среща с таблета ASUS Eee Slate EP121 на CeBITAlthough ASUS tablet showed ASUS Eee Slate EP121 even during last year's exhibition Computex, then it did not work and it took several months to be demonstrated at the finish. Fortunately, so we could see him at the exhibition CeBIT. The device is interesting in that it relies on dual-core processor Intel Core i5 and depending on configuration includes up to 4GB RAM memory and 64GB SSD. Works with Windows 7, a 12.1 "screen with 1280 x 800 pixels and multitouch, HDMI port, card reader for SD / MMC cards and 2MR camera. Added 2-in-1 audio jack (input / output) and 2 USB 2.0 ports . The package also has a capacitive stylus for more precision - this is needed, because Windows 7 is not quite optimized for Touch. Among the accessories is a full-size QWERTY keyboard.

MSI present 3 new tablet at CeBIT

MSI представи 3 нови таблета на CeBITFollowing the trend at CeBIT MSI showed 2 new tablet with Windows 7 and one with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Although they were not available for testing by users, the company provide brief technical characteristics of the models. All three use a special interface developed by MSI, which is called Wind Touch. Pattern Windpad 100A work with Android, relies on NVIDIA Tegra processor 2 and a 10.1 "capacitive display. MSI Windpad 100W runs Windows 7, the processor is Intel Atom Z530, a screen is back with the same parameters. As this device will also be added interface MSI WindTouch. Windpad 110W will be with similar characteristics, only it will work with processor AMD Brazos C50.

Appearance of tablet Asus Eee Pad MeMO with Android 3.0 at CeBIT

Поява на таблета Asus Eee Pad MeMO с Android 3.0 на CeBITAsus Eee Pad MeMO is interesting tablet with Android 3.0, which debuted earlier this year while at CES and certainly did not fail to confer with his presence and the Asus booth in Hannover. The device, which we used to work a Android Gingerbread (2.3.1), but from ASUS assured us that when we go on sale in late May, will work with version 3.0. In the heart of the tablet is dual-core Qualcomm processor 8260 with frequency 1.2GHz, and also added 1GB RAM and internal memory with different capacity (8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB). Tablet also includes a GPS receiver, proximity sensors, light and orientation, and 2 cameras - front with 1.2 MP resolution, and the rear with 5MP (it can record and full HD video). Screen Asus Eee Pad MeMO-readable 7 "and 1024 x 600 pixels and can be used with a special capacitive stylus. There are also opportunities for 3G communication.

Eee Reader DR-900 again at the Asus booth at CeBIT

Eee Reader DR-900 отново на щанда на Asus на CeBITEee Reader DR-900 is a slim e-book reader on Asus, which was presented last edition of CeBIT, but was present at the stand of the company and this edition of the exhibition. It has a 9 "screen with 1024x768 pixels resolution and has a 2GB internal memory and 3G/Wi-Fi opportunities. Added 3.5 mm headphone jack, built-in speakers and compatibility with files in the following formats: ePub, PDF, TVT, FB2, MP3, HTML, CBZ and CBR. There is a web browser, but is still in experimental stage, but because of the nature of the electronic paper screen, can not display web elements such as Flash content and animation.

Soon all the top models of Motorola will include application Webtop

Скоро всички топ модели на Motorola ще включват приложението WebtopMotorola Atrix 4G is one of the most interesting phones in Motorola's portfolio at the moment, not only because of the dual-core processor and high-resolution screen, it uses but also because of the possibility of turning it into a real laptop with it installed and use Webtop optional accessory. It seems that the company plans to add such capabilities in future high-end smartphones that will be available in the second half of the year. It is clear from the words of the head of Motorola Sandzhey Shah, said during a conference of Morgan Stanley. As a Webtop application that enables the phones to work with additional dokstantsiya, this means that the expected products will also be compatible with similar peripherals. Save the words of Shah, you can listen here: