Friday, March 4, 2011

Allow U.S. pilots to use iPad in flight

САЩ разреши на пилотите да използват iPad по време на полетThe U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has authorized the company's charter Executive Jet Management to replace paper charts for pilots in the aircraft during flight tablets iPad. Although currently there are other electronic devices that are in circulation among employees of aviation in the U.S., iPad appears to be the cheapest and most smaller version. The tablet has passed the tests that lasted three months and was used by 55 pilots during 250 flights. During the tests with the iPad was not reporting any problem with the software, but just in case the pilots will wear and one spare with you. Surely if other airlines decide to make such an exchange would have to undergo a similar procedure with tests. Authorize the use of electronic devices instead of traditional paper charts from the U.S. Aviation Administration create a precedent and recognized the potential of new technologies to change the way work on board.

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