Friday, March 4, 2011

Conceptual development of a tablet with two screens from MSI

Концептуална разработка на таблет с два екрана от MSIMSI Dual Pad Concept is exactly what its name suggests - a conceptual work. However, it is interesting enough to wish to see it on sale. In practice, these are two related tablet in one device - similar to a laptop Acer Iconia, who recently saw the mobile congress, but in the meantime commenced its sales. Both tablet to work with one operating system and use common system resources as an option to be separated, but still work together. Convenient for presentations or multiplayer games. Details of the technical characteristics were not disclosed, but the device works with Intel Atom Z530 processor, relying on Windows 7, and two screens with a diagonal 10.1 "and multitouch capabilities.

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