Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple present iPad 2

Apple представи iPad 2Apple chose for the March 2 premiere of the heir of his first tablet. March 2 and iPad 2 - hardly anyone believes that the choice is random, because the American company everything is carefully orchestrated. Like a year ago, the scene came Steve Jobs, although this time his appearance was unexpected - it is recalled that early this year, he withdrew indefinitely from the management of Apple for medical reasons. In the beginning some statistics. Books iBookstore offer over 2500 publishers, for less than a year consumers have downloaded over 100 million books in less than a year. Jobs also announced that user accounts are already 200 million, and recently the company has shipped its 100 millionth iPhone. For nine months in 2010 sold 15 million units iPad, as Jobs did not fail to note that this is more than any tablet, and the market share of the company in this type of equipment in 2010 was over 90%. Applications for tablet already over 65 000, while Android 3.0 are currently only 100. However, do not forget that Google's platform has yet made its first steps, the market has only one tablet and then a few days.

Yet the star of the evening is iPad 2. Tablet comes with a new design and a new processor - it already uses the chips A5. Now with dual-core design as Apple is 2 times faster than the A4 and provides up to 9 times faster graphics. At the same time energy consumption is like its predecessor. As expected, added two cameras - the rear can record 720p video at 30fps, and the front (VGA) to cope with VGA resolution at 30fps. Like the iPhone and iPod touch has a gyro and the dimensions of housing are severely reduced compared to the first version of the iPad - thinner is 33%. Expressed in figures, this means 13.4 mm against 8.8 mm. The weight is also reduced and is now 601 grams (613 grams for the model with 3G) - good news since the first version was tezhichka. Tablet will be available in black or white version and also will work with GSM and CDMA networks. The battery came about 10 hours. Diagonal and the screen resolution remains the same - 9.7 and 1024 x 768 pixels.

Among the additional options are HDMI output through a special cable that will allow the display of 1080p video on an external monitor and will also load the tablet. Together with the device debuted and interesting screensaver - not a cover, for panel (Smart Cover), by which magnets are mounted on the front of the tablet. Furthermore, it can be folded in various configurations to allow different uses and serve as a stand. In addition to cleaning the screen of the iPad 2 and automatically "wakes up" tablet or puts it on standby. Variants of polyurethane will cost 39 dollars, and leather will be priced at 69 dollars.

The price of the iPad 2 starts from $ 500 model with 16GB of memory and Wi-Fi and reaches 829 dollars for options with 64GB, Wi-Fi and 3G. The price immediately put Motorola at a disadvantage because the U.S. Xoom sells for $ 800, while the analogous iPad 2 will cost 729 dollars. Sales in the U.S. starting on 11 March and 25 March will be available in 26 more countries. Meanwhile, Apple cut the price of the first tablet of Veria and prices now range between $ 399 model with 16GB memory, 3G and 729 dollars for a 64GB version and 3G.

As expected, the event was presented and the new version of iOS number 4.3, which will use iPad 2. With it comes increased productivity of the Safari browser which has been added to the JavaScript engine Nitro. Also included is the option to share content on your home Wi-Fi network in iTunes. There are also improvements to AirPlay, and consumers can now choose different functions for the button to lock the screen orientation - for example, to mute. Also included is the option to convert the device into a wireless access point for sharing the mobile Internet, which already has iPhone 4 for Verizon. To use the new cameras are FaceTime applications for video to iPad, iPhone or Mac Photo Booth for applying different effects in real time. iOS 4.3 will be available for download on 11 March by the holders of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (3 and 4 generation).

Was presented a new version of iMovie, you can benefit from increased productivity of the new tablet. Among topics and offers new opportunities for editing and sharing video in different services. The application will be available for iPhone, and its price is $ 5. Holders of the tablet will be able to benefit from a special version of GarageBand with different instruments, 8 track recording, Loop 250 and even the option to turn the guitar. Interestingly, using accelerometers tablet into account the force with which to touch the virtual keys and generates a different sound. GarageBand will also be available from March 11 priced at $ 5.

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