Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple iPad tablet introduced

Apple did not disappoint fans of mobile technologies, which in recent months and even years have not stopped the company expected to produce a new tablet. Tonight, Apple announced the device. It bears the name iPad, really looks like a larger iPhone and use an operating system similar to the phone, but a changed interface, which is able to fully benefit from a larger display. As expected, the main features of the device are linked to the consumption of multimedia content and surfing the Internet - with a browser the opportunity to examine the photos (with the option to sync with iPhoto, if you use a Mac) and video (compatibility with the store iTunes), work e-mail, calendar and maps via Google Maps.

iPad is driven by A4 processor with clock frequency 1GHz, produced by Apple (developed by the team of the company PA Semi). The device will be available with 16, 32 or 64GB internal memory and includes Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR features 9.7 "capacitive touch-IPS display with 1024 x 768 pixels, accelerometer, compass, aGPS (only model with 3G), microphone and loudspeaker. Tablets is 13.4 millimeters thick and weighs 680 grams (730 g for options with 3G). battery is sufficient for 10 hours work per month, or on standby. iPad is compatible with current applications and games from the App Store, it can display them in their actual size or stretch them so that they fill the screen. Of course, authors can create applications and software to display a larger tablet.

In addition, Apple launches its own shop for electronic books - iBook Store, which will provide content for implementing iBooks, which, as you might guess, used to reading them. The books will be in the format ePub. Application for working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations, iWork has also gain a new interface suitable for use with the tablet, each of the annexes thereto (Keynote, Pages and Numbers) will cost under $ 10.

iPad will be available in a version with 3G capabilities, and users can choose between two prepaid plans of AT & T - 250MV inclusive for $ 15 with unlimited bandwidth for $ 30. They enter and free use of Wi-Fi access points to the operator.

Deliveries begin in late March at prices starting from $ 500 model with Wi-Fi and 16GB of memory. Variants with 3G will be available in April at prices starting from 629 dollars for the model with 16GB. Will be available and various additional accessories, including stand with QWERTY keyboard.

Apple again with a series of patents.

Apple patents have prepared interesting before placing the iPad, which can be seen in its future versions. They are different, but related to the ability to control the cursor on the screen without having to touch the finger surface and thus leave fingerprints. Among the documents has a patent for videoconferencing systems, management of colors and some others.

Chinese phone with Android.

The Robot won the most boring name of the phone with Android, which also copies and design of BlackBerry Storm. The device has a 2,8 "QVGA display and works with dual GSM networks. The integrated memory is 512 MB in size, and enter into the set and a microSD card capacity of 2 GB. IR camera is 1,3 and the CPU - Samsung 2448 with working frequency of 400 MHz. The phone supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Of course, this is not the most impressive proposal for a phone with Android, but its price is $ 179 for one piece and $ 170, if you order more than 3.

Docking station Nexus One already sold against $ 45

Docking station Nexus One, whose ad appeared recently on YouTube, is already on sale. Accessory costs $ 45, as the advert says, and can be ordered separately or together with the phone. Among the special features of the paper is the presence of 3.5 millimeters outlet through which to connect it to your home audio system. Of course, while your phone is placed in it, it is loaded. Moreover, the accessory supports Bluetooth, as the technology is used for reception of stereo music from your phone. Its other features are associated with the automatic activation of the application, giving access to weather forecast, clock and applications for listening to music and viewing photos.

Nokia Siemens Networks and LG with a record transfer in LTE network

From LG and Nokia Siemens Networks reported that they had achieved new record speeds for data transfers of 100 Mbps with LTE Class 3 device. This is the maximum attainable speed of downloading information about this class. However, the case for experimental conditions that are difficult to achieve in the real world, so that information is rather in the curious facts. Tests were conducted within the research centers to Nokia Siemens Networks in Germany and Finland. USB modems are used, manufactured by LG, which operate in the spectrum, respectively 2100 and 2600 Mhz, and base stations and equipment of Nokia Siemens Networks. The companies plan to do more tests on other frequencies and further improve the speed of transfer.

Razer Vespula with two different surfaces

Razer today introduced its new gaming mouse pad - Razer Vespula. Bilateral Razer Vespula design gives gamers the opportunity to choose between Speed Surface for quick movements with your mouse and Control Surface, which takes into account even the most precise movements. The first is suitable for gamers who have long swing movements, while the second is ideal for gamers who use short, precise movements. Razer Vespula allows continuous play with his wrist pad with a soft gel filling, preventing fatigue. Mat is available in March at a price around $ 50.

HTC Sense now and for European consumers of Magic

If you recall, in October last year, HTC has released updates, adding the interface to the Sense Model Magic, but this update was only for Taiwanese users. That changed as a useful supplement is now available to holders of the device in Europe. Extra comes with ROM version 3.05.401.3, but prepared with backup information on the device as update will erase everything.

Financial performance of Samsung Electronics for the last quarter of 2009

2.64 billion U.S. dollars is the profit of Samsung Electronics for the third quarter of 2009 over the same period a year earlier the company had posted losses amounting to 19 million U.S. dollars. Samsung's sales for the period were worth 22 billion U.S. dollars - a 37% higher than a year earlier. According to information from the company's growth over the period due to price increases of memory chips that Samsung produce and seasonal increase in sales of consumer electronics at the end of the year. 11 million LCD TVs are sold with the brand Samsung for the last three months of 2009, making them the first company that has sold more than 10 million.

Mobile phones have sold 69 million units, which is 16% higher than a year earlier. Thus, in 2009 sold a total of 227 million phones. The company estimated its mobile market share in 2009 to more than 20%. Operating profit for the last quarter of 2009, the mobile division, which deals with mobile infrastructure is 852 million dollars. Revenue for the period reached 10 billion dollars, which is an annual growth of 12%. In this year, Samsung plans to continue to focus on phones with touch screen and high-and middle-class smartphone for developed markets and to continue to offer specialized models for developing countries.

Motorola again profitable for the quarter.

At Motorola, it seems controlled rapid subsidence of the company. For the last quarter of 2009, the company recorded revenues of 5.723 billion U.S. dollars, which is 14 million U.S. dollars more than in the previous quarter, and whole 3.799 billion U.S. dollars more than a year earlier. And reported a profit of 142 million U.S. dollars. Mobile unit of the company is still in the red by 1.8 billion U.S. dollars sales (22% less per year) and an operating loss of 132 million U.S. dollars. Division for television set-top devices and network equipment with a profit of 91 million U.S. dollars in sales of 2 billion U.S. dollars. Phones sold during the quarter were 12 million, which is 1.4 million less than in the third quarter of 2009, but the change is normal, given that the company has changed the focus of its portfolio and converted to smartphones. The company estimated its market share in mobile phones in the last quarter of 3.7 percent. Sales of the entire mobile division in 2009 were 7.1 billion U.S. dollars to 12.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2008. Operative loss for the year was 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, while in 2008 the loss was 2.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple allow VoIP over 3G to the new SDK for iPhone

With the Apple tablet coming and other news. With the new version of the SDK package for iPhone, which serves to create applications for the iPad, Apple, seems to have allowed the use of VoIP via 3G.Far from AT & T is "oppressed" to allow greater load of VoIP to reach their mobile network. The news comes with iCall application for the iPhone, which is already available through the App Store and what its authors as the first of its kind in the online store. Evolution is pretty fast, so that arouse some doubts, but soon will probably have more light on the case.