Monday, February 8, 2010

Motorola Zeppelin

Thanks to the Brazilian team on Gizmodo, we get more photos of Motorola Zeppelin, which shows quite clearly that the phone will work with Android. The sad news is that this will be "only" Cupcake, but the phone is aimed at lower class devices. Of course, Zeppelin also has the interface of Motorola - Blur. The screen has a resolution HVGA. According to information the phone will be sold in Brazil in a month, which probably means that you can see it in Barcelona after just over a week.

The next iPhone will record HD video and was produced by Pegatron

What else are we to understand the next generation iPhone? Virtually everything, because now we know only one model number for which no one is sure whether it relates to him. A closer look at the file MediaValidator.plist of iPhone SDK 3.2, however, can tell us some things about Apple's future plans and this is what they did from Engadget. It appears that the maximum resolution for video will be 1280 by 720 pixels and AVC videoprofilat the phone is upgraded to 3.1, which means that you can work with HD video 720r. According to DigiTimes Pegatron do this time is a name that is mentioned in connection with the production of the next phone Appl. Since Foxconn, appears also in the game, we can only assume that since Apple has set a higher volume of production and therefore need more "support" for Foxconn.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The new HTC Trophy

HTC Trophy is the phones in the portfolio of HTC, which the company will maintain its relationship with Windows Mobile. Less ambiguous we saw his picture before the time when the line appears details of the company's product plans for this year. We recall that is expected to use version 6.5 of the operating system to work with 3,5 "capacitive touch screen with VGA resolution and a QWERTY keyboard. The processor will be working with Qualcomm MSM7227 frequency of 600 MHz, but will also offer Wi-Fi, GPS and camera 5MR. recently appeared and a new image of the device, which subsequently proved, however, that no case of HTC, a user of the forums on xda-developers. However, it is precisely the phenomenon in early photos, so you can give us an idea of the true nature of the smartphone.

Nokia dropped the prices of their phones

According to the Reuters, from sources in the mobile industry at the end of January, Nokia has reduced prices on all models of its portfolio. The company has commented that this step is in the order of things, as usually reduces the prices of their products several times a year. Reuters sources claim that the reduction has reached 10%. After him, the least expensive smartphone in Nokia - model 5230, now sells for around 170 euros in Finland, and its wholesale price is now below 120 euros. Demand for cheap smartphone is one of the main reasons reported by Strategy Analytics growth of this market from 30 percent in the last quarter of last year, for which he wrote.

Sony already offers SD and microSD memory cards

One of the biggest news from Sony at the beginning of a new year is that the company decided to launch its own line of microSD and SD flash cards. This largely was inevitable and was prompted by the fact that most of the latest models of Sony Ericsson phones use microSD cards say. SD / SDHC models will be offered in capacities between 2GB and 32GB (all are Class 4), while the microSD card will have a capacity of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. The cards will be on the market this month. In addition, the company offers as a free download software to recover deleted files File Rescue, and the application x-Pict Story for creation of slide show, combining music and photos. Both applications are available free to consumers on Memory Stick.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Try iPad interface in the iPhone and iPod touch

Beginning of the iPad supply is still far, but if you own an iPhone or iPod touch, you may be curious to try the interface of Apple's tablet with the resources currently available. To take advantage, however, you will need your device is unlocked (jailbroken) and have access to Cydia, and for full details of how to install the new interface, see the attached video.

Hand-Mounted Mouse or Goa'uld Weapon?

Maybe I've been watching too many Stargate reruns or maybe the AirMouse hand-mounted input device was really inspired by Goa'uld technology. Either way, I'm skeptical about its ability to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

The wireless device is made of a "lightweight durable fabric that seamlessly aligns itself with the ligaments of your hand and wrist" and will supposedly go for a full week without charging. If you want one though—be it for computing or for some evil deeds—you'll have to wait six to twelve months and spend about $130