Monday, January 31, 2011

Half of mobile ad clicks are random

Mobile Adds Phoenix and Harris Interactive did a survey of mobile users on mobile ads. The agency found that about half of those registered on the ads clicks made by accident. 47% of 4000 respondents in the survey of consumer agency said they usually click on ads without asking. The percentages are even greater if you narrow the age of consumers 18 to 34 years - they are 61%. Such a "discovery" is hardly surprising many people, but perhaps goes to show that at the time and the industry clearly has no better solution, then continuing to use this model.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mobile phone market with a growth of 17.9 percent in the last quarter of 2010

Пазарът на мобилни телефони с ръст от 17,9% през последното тримесечие на 2010 г.
In the last quarter of last year's growth market of mobile phones was a record 17.9 percent. The reason for this lies in smartphones and the data are from the latest study from IDC. According to the company for the period were 401.4 million phones shipped until the end of 2009 this figure was 340.5 million. Overall last year were delivered 1.39 billion mobile devices - with 18.5 percent more than in 2009 improved economic situation and the proliferation of smart phones available are the main reasons for this growth, which is the largest since 2006 since when it was 22.6%. For the first time in the Top 5 biggest handset makers enter and Chinese - that's ZTE, which stands directly in fourth place, ahead of Apple. IDC believes that during the year will have constant shifts of the companies of the 4th and 5 th place in the rankings, as it can return to Motorola, Research In Motion and Sony Ericsson.
According to IDC, over the coming years the market of mobile phones will run mainly on smartphones, and this trend will continue until at least 2014. To smart devices has yet to pass the users of phones with advanced features that they want to do more with their devices. Expectations are the smartphone market to grow by 43.7 percent in 2011

Tablet RIM will support and applications for Android?
Some time in RIM are trying to figure out how to put support for Java on your tablet to ensure compatibility with existing applications for BlackBerry and allow corporate users to use with PlayBook own applications without having to make changes on them. The solution is to add virtual machine for Java, which will solve the problem. Although it is not yet known which virtual machine will decide to use by RIM, there are rumors that the company has opted for Dalvik. However, the same virtual machine that uses and Android, which will automatically make the devices of RIM, who work with platform QNX (this only PlayBook), compatible with applications for Android. Of course, now it is unclear what approach they would choose to RIM, if you stop to Dalvik, as they can and choose not to involve Google's own plans and stop the open its source code. Another option is to come to some agreement with Google, which in turn will provide formal support for Android applications for QNX. This can lead to the addition of Google Maps, Gmail, Android Market and others.

Half of mobile processors from Samsung this year will be for Apple

Samsung Proccessors
For end users Samsung is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones, but the company actually produces most of the components and its competitors used in the assembly of their phones. This year the company is expected to significantly increase production of mobile processors, but this does not mean they all will have for its mobile products. According to Korean press half of this processor will go to Apple. If we have to be more precise, this quantity processors will be four times more than Apple had bought from Samsung in 2010 Apparently Apple plans to have a strong year and probably be invited to use the chips in more products.