Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mobile phone market with a growth of 17.9 percent in the last quarter of 2010

Пазарът на мобилни телефони с ръст от 17,9% през последното тримесечие на 2010 г.
In the last quarter of last year's growth market of mobile phones was a record 17.9 percent. The reason for this lies in smartphones and the data are from the latest study from IDC. According to the company for the period were 401.4 million phones shipped until the end of 2009 this figure was 340.5 million. Overall last year were delivered 1.39 billion mobile devices - with 18.5 percent more than in 2009 improved economic situation and the proliferation of smart phones available are the main reasons for this growth, which is the largest since 2006 since when it was 22.6%. For the first time in the Top 5 biggest handset makers enter and Chinese - that's ZTE, which stands directly in fourth place, ahead of Apple. IDC believes that during the year will have constant shifts of the companies of the 4th and 5 th place in the rankings, as it can return to Motorola, Research In Motion and Sony Ericsson.
According to IDC, over the coming years the market of mobile phones will run mainly on smartphones, and this trend will continue until at least 2014. To smart devices has yet to pass the users of phones with advanced features that they want to do more with their devices. Expectations are the smartphone market to grow by 43.7 percent in 2011

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