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 GoPro HERO e best camera in the world of extreme sports! Waterproof, wireless, digital camera capable of shooting video and photos on your favorite extreme activities. Miniature size and patented set of accessories for installation in combination with High Definition TV and picture quality and high-quality pictures of the most convenient camera in the world for any kind of sports.
 GoPro HERO - Waterproof, wireless, digital camera capable of shooting video and photos on your favorite extreme activities. Miniature size and patented range of accessories for mounting in combination with the TV picture quality 5 megapixel images of the most convenient camera in the world for any kind of sports.
 Helmet HERO Wide is attached to the helmet with or without ventilation, bicycles, kayaks, boats, skiing, snowboarding and more. Includes digital camera body for quick installation set of plates (3M ™) for different surfaces and two lanes for different types of helmets. It can even be worn as a headlamp. The camera is equipped with the wide angle lens on the market, has 5 megapixel sensor for the best quality pictures and video in such tiny amounts.
 Shock, dust and waterproof (30 meters), the camera is placed in seconds and can be easily and securely mounted to the most amazing places.

Garmin Forerunner 610

Forerunner® 610
 The first to put GPS on runners wrists, just started a new contest. With touching, tapping or sliding Forerunner 610 lets you concentrate on running while it tracks all the details.
 Forerunner 610 gives you plenty of ways to get in touch with your training data. Scrolling by swiping easy attitude makes the settings made review of training and more. The rapid closing of the screen is all you need to do to open the next page for a workout, so you can see more. All well-looking touchscreen Foreruner 610 is waterproof as well as functional, proving more than a nice design. Forerunner 610 can withstand rain, sweat, and remain sensitive enough to be able to operate with gloves.
A leader in its
 Below that smooth glass surface is a watch that is ready to work harder and harder than you. Forerunner 610 provides accurate distance, pace, GPS position, heart rate ¹, calories and more. It may even take you back to the starting point of your route, giving you the freedom to explore new routes and always find your way back.
Typical improvements

Training tools like the new Virtual Racer ™ can turn any workout into a virtual race. This feature lets you race against your previous best performance or cause you to exercise installed on our Garmin Connect ™ site. Virtual Racer, consider varying speeds and real-time conditions, so it can be a real opponent. Or, use the Virtual Partner ® function and see how you decide to setup your regular rhythm. Forerunner 610 provides, as well as vibration alerts, which you can customize for time, distance, calories, heart rate or pace. So when you reach a goal you'll feel a gentle vibration.
Training effect

Time for a sports watch that you can train more skillfully, not with heavy effort and Forerunner 610 makes it simple. Search efficiency from the first moment. Training measures affect the activity of your workouts that significantly help you train more effectively. Your training effect is calculated based on your profile, heart rate and the difficulty of the exercise. Forerunner 610 also offers heart activity limits, warns and calculates calories based on the mad rhythm.
Store, analyze and share

When you finish your workout Forerunner 610 keeps working. It wireless uploads your workout data to our Garmin Connect ™ site when you're near a computer. So you can go back and review your run when you have free time. It works with ANT + ™ wireless technology and the USB stick that you receive clock. No wires, no manual installation, no pot.V Garmin Connect you can see your workouts on a map and explore the practice of other users. Garmin Connect is compatible with Mac ® and PC.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nokia Siemens Networks can renegotiate the deal with Motorola

Nokia Siemens Networks може да предоговори сделката с MotorolaNokia Siemens Networks is trying to negotiate new terms for the deal with Motorola worth 1.2 billion dollars, under which I had to buy infrastructure assets of U.S. company. Information is the agency Bloomberg and NSN in its view will attempt to exclude the GSM business of the Agreement. The reason for this lies in an effort to obtain approval for the deal from Chinese regulatory authorities, which it now delayed because of the lawsuit became of Huawei. Huawei believes that the sale of the infrastructure division of Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks will have access to its intellectual property, shared with the Americans. It is not clear what will be the new price of the agreement if Motorola has agreed to changes, but in 2010 GSM division contributed about 25% of all infrastructure sales of Motorola.

Sales of tablet HP TouchPad begin in June

Продажбите на таблета HP TouchPad започват през юниHP did not say specifically when the tablet TouchPad will hit the market, but thanks to the company's conference HP Summit can understand a little more about plans for the device. In the words of the head of Leo HD Apoteker first tablet with webOS will be on the market in June. Then the company promises a steady stream of news about the platform and products, which will be used. At year's end will come with a beta version of webOS, which can be used in browser in computers with Windows. Thus, HP is hoping to add the platform in 100 million devices, but have yet to understand exactly how it would work and what will be the company's plans in this area. In addition, webOS will find a place and printers to HP. Of course, in the center of everything "cloud" - the company relies on the Internet to connect its various products in an ecosystem. Apoteker commented tablets with Windows - so far the company has no intention of doing such, not until the correct version of the platform. We expect that this will be Windows 8.

Motorola Xoom with Wi-Fi will cost 599 dollars to the U.S. market on 27 March Listen

Motorola Xoom с Wi-Fi ще струва 599 долара, на пазара в Щатите от 27 мартOne of the main criticisms of the first Tablet PC with Motorola's Android is its high cost, especially compared with that of the iPad / iPad 2. Hopes were that the situation will change with the release of the promised release of the device with only Wi-Fi capabilities, the premiere date has not been known. Motorola decided to dispel the unknown by announcing that sales of the device in the U.S. will start on March 27. The tablet will be available from many retailers and chain stores, so anyone who decides to choose, will be able to buy it. We recall that the first tablet with Android 3.0 has dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz, 1GB RAM memory, 32GB of internal memory, two cameras (5MP and 2MR), HDMI output and a 10.1 "screen with 1280 x 800 pixels.

Carphone Warehouse have sold 1 million Android devices in 2010

Carphone Warehouse са продали 1 милион устройства с Android през 2010 г.From British retailer Carphone Warehouse mobile phones said it last in 2010 sold 1 million devices using Android. About the company is increasing sales by 2000% over the previous year. Carphone Warehouse otherwise are a serious promoter of the mobile platform is Google - their shops are dotted with little green men, but as you can see one of their latest TV ads.

Finally Android 2.2 for Motorola Milestone

Най-сетне Android 2.2 за Motorola MilestoneOwners of Motorola Milestone probably long since lost patience, hope and expect to update Android 2.2 Froyo. By Motorola, however, apparently are ready and able to provide the achievements of our users, who will finally get compatibility with Flash Player 10.1, faster browser and opportunities to share your Internet connection. Unfortunately the company have bad news. If you have DRM-protected content on an SD card on your phone, then update it likely will not exist. Furthermore, Motorola warned that the new version of Android, some applications and phone functions can work more slowly. So far, update is only available to certain countries.
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