Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sony Ericsson prepares at least 4 new phones by year's end

Sony Ericsson подготвя поне 4 нови телефона до края на годинатаSince early 2011, Sony Ericsson has already presented four phone, but it seems there will be more work until the year end. In an interview with Business Week CEO Bert Nordberg was told that we expect at least another four releases, some of the devices will appear first on the U.S. market. Although not stated whether the smartphones or handsets with advanced capabilities in the context of the conversation for Android assume that Nordberg has had to smartphones. From the same interview, and we learn that Sony Ericsson is seeking 25 percent of the smartphone market with Android, of which otherwise currently owns only 14%. According to unconfirmed reports the company now testing several phones, which include models and SK17i ST15i, and behind these numbers would have to hide a small phone with touch screen and one with a hardware keyboard. We expect also Xperia Duo, whose name was registered in Europe as a trademark, which will probably be the first smartphone with dual-core processor series of Xperia.

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