Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The components of Samsung Galaxy Tab worth 205 dollars

Sales of tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab already started in various parts of the world by iSuppli has traditionally made its usual analysis of the components used in its production. According to the company's total value pravi tablet rather larger version of the smartphone Galaxy S, rather than a true competitor of the iPad. The total amount used in the Galaxy Tab detail is 205.22 dollars. For comparison: 16GB model with 3G capabilities of the iPad has components worth 264.27 dollars. The lower price is due mainly to screen Galaxy Tab, which is lower diagonal and lower resolution than in the iPad. On the other hand, tablets of the Samsung includes capabilities that has no proposal to Apple, as a gyro (suitable for games) and two cameras (one with autofocus). For the production of Galaxy Tab take another 9.35 dollars and so the total price of the device reached 214.57 dollars.

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