Thursday, November 18, 2010

Qualcomm introduced the first dual-core chip from the new series Snapdragon

Qualcomm makes mobile SoC (system on chip) integrated solutions that drive almost any phone with Android, and each of the devices now Windows Phone 7. The company revealed more details about future plans and they understand that next year's chips will be manufactured in 28 nanometer technology, which will not only reduce their size, but also help them reduce energy consumption. Along with this will be introduced and a new architecture that the company says will make 5 times faster than those that are currently on the market. For there will be share and the use of two cores, and the architecture should be able to compete with NVIDIA Tegra 2. The processors will be combined with graphics accelerator Adreno 3XX, which will be 4 times more productive than in the first generation of Snapdragon and even can provide a game performance as the Xbox 360 and PS3. The first next-generation chip that will be available for manufacturers of next year, is MSM8960, but unlikely to reach the terminal earlier than 2012 unless it will have a 3D accelerator, modem, supporting all 3G frequencies and even LTE.

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