Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S Tab

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

The Korean manufacturer Samsung can not be left to the market dominance of Apple tablet, and after several months of study presented an evolution of its larger smartphone Galaxy S. The tablet with touch-sensitive screen is called Galaxy Tab and will arrive in Italy from October 1 at major consumer electronics chains, it costs 699 euro (as the iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB or 32 GB 3G iPad) but is smaller tablet, you call, videoconference, and beyond the built-in memory allows for easy expansion through a microSD card reader.

Although direct comparison is natural that the Apple iPad Galaxy Tab is different tablet. Firstly it is smaller tablet, has a 7 inch display which makes it almost pocket (comes in a jacket pocket or stay a little 'out, even that of a jeans), weighs only 380 grams and integrated wireless connectivity Type HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 as well as presenting a GPS antenna and a TV-Out to conveniently connect your television to a possible tablet.

On paper it might therefore seem smaller and more expensive than the iPad, but in reality offers many more features. In fact these two cameras, a VGA-style on the front and a 3 megapixel on the back. With these you can participate in video conferencing sessions, take pictures or shoot videos. As we said at the beginning, in addition to 16 GB of integrated data, you can add another 32 GB via a microSD card.

Compared iPad there is another innovative feature in tablet are: using the earphone or loudspeaker allows you to call. It is therefore not only a tablet but can be used as an electronic agenda and a telephone handset.

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