Friday, November 19, 2010

Apple runs the risk of war with the operators, if it decides to use the embedded SIM card in iPhone

Already mentioned the initiative of the GSM Association to develop a standard for embedded SIM cards to add mobile capabilities to more traditional devices, but some time ago we wrote about rumors that Apple is considering the possibility of using such a decision and the iPhone. It should allow activation of the phone through App Store to work with selected mobile network. And although the association, whose members include the largest mobile operators, consider creating such a standard, it appears that companies are not satisfied with potential plans of Apple, they fear that this will be placed in the position of regular suppliers of spectrum for the phone to the Americans.

According to the Financial Times, if Apple decides to take such a step to the next edition of the iPhone, some of the major European operators are ready to stop subsidizing the price of the phone, which is important for the success of the device. These are shared with the publication of Vodafone UK, France Telecom and Telefonica, as one of the managers said that thus Apple would risk going to war with them. According to analysts at Bernstein could reduce sales of the iPhone worldwide by 12%. Concerns come from companies that consumers can easily move between different operators or to commit to contracts of shorter duration.

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