Friday, February 18, 2011

Nokia's unlimited rights to modify Windows Phone

Nokia с почти неограничени права за промяна на Windows PhoneNokia may have expected the arrival of the next version of Windows Phone, to offer the first phones with the platform, but also will have many more rights than other phone manufacturers with WP7. These rights will be discharged its hands on the appearance of the interface, which means you can change it according to your desires. However, whether he chooses to do so is another matter. Information is shared by Niklas Savander in an interview on Phone Scoop. He said Microsoft has given almost unlimited freedom to modify the Nokia platform. From his words we understand, however, Nokia intends to refrain from any changes that would delay our reaching the Nokia updates the operating system from Microsoft. So he said the changes will mainly into two categories - those that can easily be transferred to subsequent versions of the platform, and those who will be deeply integrated into the WP, will be doing with Microsoft and will be available to other phone manufacturers.

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