Friday, February 18, 2011

Android users visit most sites over the phone

Потребителите на Android посещават най-много сайтове през телефона си
By GfK Network Intelligence is play around to collect and summarize some data on how and what people use smartphones. Interesting information about the online activities of the owners of smart phones, from which most active online users of Android. They attend an average of 9.1 pages per day, while fans of Apple and iPhone attend eight site daily. BlackBerry users visit 5.7 sites per day in their phones, while owners of phones with the Symbian 5.2 site seeing day. It turns out that the size of the phone screen affect online activity, but this fact is quite understandable, given that the larger screen is, the more convenient it is to work with sites. People with phones whose screens are diagonal, less than 2 ", visiting an average of 2.8 pages per day, while those with 4" and larger displays an average of 10.4 browse the site. Interesting are the figures for attendance at social networking sites such as Facebook. By GfK reported that most owners of Symbian phones visit the site on Facebook, but at least - the owners of phones with Android. Such information could be misleading if not careful, since Facebook is no formal application for working with Symbian, which is why users of this platform more frequently than others used mobile site social support, while all who have phones with Android or iOS, may use specialized applications.

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