Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sales of tablet HP TouchPad begin in June

Продажбите на таблета HP TouchPad започват през юниHP did not say specifically when the tablet TouchPad will hit the market, but thanks to the company's conference HP Summit can understand a little more about plans for the device. In the words of the head of Leo HD Apoteker first tablet with webOS will be on the market in June. Then the company promises a steady stream of news about the platform and products, which will be used. At year's end will come with a beta version of webOS, which can be used in browser in computers with Windows. Thus, HP is hoping to add the platform in 100 million devices, but have yet to understand exactly how it would work and what will be the company's plans in this area. In addition, webOS will find a place and printers to HP. Of course, in the center of everything "cloud" - the company relies on the Internet to connect its various products in an ecosystem. Apoteker commented tablets with Windows - so far the company has no intention of doing such, not until the correct version of the platform. We expect that this will be Windows 8.

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