Monday, December 20, 2010

World Lens for iOS 4

World Lens

Mastery of foreign languages is no longer the same after the appearance of Google Translate, which can relatively easily understand what it says on one site, even if you have no idea of the language in which it is written. How to fix a similar problem with offline? For iPhone owners already authorized, and it comes in the form of an application that says Word Lens. The application uses the phone's camera to scan text and shows you a new option, but text in the language you have chosen. Word Lens you can download free from the App Store, but the packages to translate the various languages to be paid. The price of each they are $ 4.99, currently the company is prepared only with translation from English to Spanish and vice. The good thing about the used solution is that the language packs are kept in local memory and you can safely use Word Lens even if you have an Internet connection or abstain because it is expensive (eg roaming). Currently the application does not recognize handwriting and are also expected to have a problem with recognition of some special fonts, but always remains the option to enter the text from the keyboard.

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