Friday, December 24, 2010

Inexpensive smartphones will be particularly sought in 2011

Restoration of the mobile industry, which suffered severely from the global economic crisis in 2009, began this year and will continue in 2011 according to Pyramid Research survey of mobile phone market next year will grow by about 8%, and devices will be sold over 1.4 billion pieces. The company predicts that the demand will be for cheap phones, smartphones and budgetary devices with Android. Between 2011-2015, 70% of sales of new phones will be made in emerging markets and just because they will dictate the major global trends. The main demand will be cheap phones with basic features that are popular not only in developing markets, the company expects to buy and developed - for example children and older consumers. Pyramid Research notes that while demand for smartphones budget in developing countries began in 2010, culminating in his will in 2011, and among the driving forces will be the growing popularity of Android.

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