Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adidas forgoes advertising Apple iAd

iAD Apple

Adidas forgoes advertising
iAd Apple rumor site came from Business Insider, the sports giant Adidas has refused to participate in the ad network iAd of Apple, which will deprive Americans of more than $ 10 million. Information is obtained from two sources, occupying high positions in the mobile industry. According reason for this decision lies in Steve Jobs, and more precisely in its desire for control - Adidas has refused, after Apple for the third time rejected the creative concept of the company. In an attempt to offer consumers higher quality ads, Apple exercise greater control over the content than other similar services and even produce its own actual ads. This is the reason for the slow spread of iAd and the absence of many premium brands in the service. According to the WSJ from Adidas before participation has declined at least one major company - Chanel.

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