Thursday, July 22, 2010

GetJar: Apple will fail within 5 years

GetJar Apps

5 years Apple will fail, said Ilya Laurs, chief of the second largest store for mobile applications GetJar. This sounds a little far-fetched, having in mind the success, which continues to enjoy Apple, a company recently reported that for two years from App Store are downloaded 5,000,000,000 applications. However GetJar and can boast a success: in early June we reported that the service delivered to customers 1 billion titles and also has secured additional funding of $ 11 million.

According to 34-year Lett way Apple distributes their applications have shortcomings, which relies on GetJar success. Until Apple decides which application to incorporate and then take 30% of the proceeds thereof, GetJar distribute all applications for free. In addition, when buying applications from App Store for billing will have to use iTunes, which for some applications or authors of operators is a good option as they would prefer payment through PayPal or billing to a monthly bill. Interestingly, GetJar is working with 300,000 registered developers, has 40 partnerships with mobile service providers and manufacturers of handsets and is ready to distribute applications to all open platforms.

The way the company generates revenue is billed as better visibility of an application on site. So GetJar gets a percentage of sales, depending on the position of the application site and its popularity.

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